Wk1 – Art Experience – Landscape With A Corpse


I knew that everyone’s idea of their departure from this world would most commonly include drugs, overdose, or a bathtub. So, my idea was to try and think outside of the box while not going crazy and spending on materials. I decided to use the bathtub, however switching up the typical theme of drowning. This required me to go completely out of my comfort zone while showing some skin. The whole time I was worried about if the bubbles were covering me completely. I wore jewelry with the intention of drawing attention away from my body and more on to the “luxurious” necklace, bracelet and rings.


I imagine if I were to depart from this world at a young age it’d be because of something pretty unusual. For my experience with “Landscape With A Corpse” I stuck to Kaoru’s idea of “fashion” by wearing luxurious jewelry and dramatic makeup; while bathing when the blow dryer happened to fall inside the bathtub electrocuting me and leaving me completely lifeless.


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