Wk3- Snapchat

As a Sociology major I had NEVER stepped foot in to the art galleries to look at the artwork displayed. So, this was new to me; I found Joshua Vasquez’s artwork really interesting mostly after having learned his art is/was inspired by life and death. I can see where the death in his artwork is, but found it difficult to find the “life” in his art since it is mostly dark colors (black, gray and white). However, I guess we all choose to express ourselves differently. That is why for my drawings I chose to add some color to the room and to his artwork. Although I’m pretty sure Joshua would not be too happy about me having altered his work.

Being a senior makes it feel like its difficult to fit in with others in class because most of the classmates I have interacted with are first or second year. So, I don’t already know anyone in class. However, it was fun to interact with others on a different level and helping each other clear the confusion about what exactly our assignment was. While exploring the art galleries I met Cythnia who also thought it would be fun to add some color to Joshua’s art, and emphasize the “death” part of his work. I later met Cheryl Peng who altered our professor Glenn’s clothing while keeping his hair color. I thought she got creative with her snapping (in comparison to my snaps).


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