Wk – 4 – Graffiti Writing

This has been the funnest art experience yet; unfortunately making it to Venice Beach was not possible for me this weekend. I did however go visit my parents instead to use their backyard as part of my “artwork.” I had always wanted to try spray painting, but in our culture it has a very negative delinquent stereotype so the opportunity has never came up. Up until this moment; what better excuse then “its for school dad” could there possibly be. I waited until sunset with the idea of capturing the beautiful view my parent’s house often gets. However, my husband took the pictures this time and neglected the fact I told him to try to get the sun setting within the picture. I found it difficult to actually write with the spray cans; it was easier to sketch it out the bubble letters on paper. Me struggling trying to perfect my name in bubble letters made me realize how much of an art graffiti really is and how amazing it is that artist are able to create a masterpiece with spray cans.


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