Wk – 7 – Art Experience – Group Video Production

This was by far the most frustrating art experience yet. Only because it was difficult to find a group to work with because a lot of people either couldn’t meet when I could or were not planning on doing the assignment. However, luckily right before giving up I found Elidia, Gabriela, and Jhonatan. They already had an idea of what they were going to do, but not how. I figured I could help them edit the video since I have worked with editing before. The downside to our video production is that we did not have the proper equipment to work with. I had to record using my phone and downloaded a trial of an editing software which happened to be completely different from the last time I worked with it four years ago in high school.

Our idea came from the struggle of rushing to class within a fifteen minute gap and having to run up all of those stairs on campus. It just seemed funny that so many people share the same struggle. So we figured we’d highlight it in our video and compare it to the stairs in Rocky Balboa’s training. The quality of the video was not the best because 1) Rocky is extremely old and there aren’t any good quality videos 2) we recorded from our phones. I think we did good for having had such limited resources.


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