Vedusa is a 22 year old queen in Moonbase Alpha. She has mastered mixed martial arts and her ability to use supernatural powers. Vedusa is the daughter of Vegeta a Super Saiyan. Vedusa carries snakes all over her body because she believes she can relate to Medusa a Greek Monster.  Vedusa is respected throughout all of Moonbase; mostly because everyone fears her killer arm-bars. Although Vedusa can be very violent she has a big heart and loves to help people.


Gabrielina is Vedusa’s enemy. Vedusa has defeated Gabrielina in battles a repeated amount of times, but Gabrielina is hard headed and never backs down. She refuses to take orders from anyone which becomes problem when she comes across Vedusa. Vedusa knows that she cannot trust her because Gabrielina’s paranoia can cause her to attack at any moment.

Leon Von Apple

Medusa’s right hand man is Leon Von Apple who Medusa thinks is paranoid because he has these weird theories about other life forms existing near our planet. However, Leon Von Apple looks out for Vedusa like no other; but Vedusa is becoming concerned with all of the conspiracies he is coming up with.


At the moment Vedusa is working on helping Lulu whose dream is to become fully human since for some strange unexplainable reason Lulu was turned half rabbit by an evil which. However, Vedusa has trouble understanding where she came from because  Lulu claims she arrived on a rocket ship and Vedusa does not believe there are others outside of Moonbase Alpha. Regardless of the discrepancies Medusa is determined to help transform to a full “human” again.


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