Wk – 11 – Art Experience – Marta Troya

For this week’s art experience our new friend Marta Troya came up with an activity for us to do that encouraged us to question the norms of our society. For the activity we were asked to do things in areas that were meant for other things. Like taking BIG children’s books into areas that aren’t meant for “reading” which is strange considering it being the library. The fact that our environment and its meaning changes so much overtime often goes by unnoticed, and I think this is what we were analyzing. As a sociologist, in the past I have done activities similar to this one so this was not so new to me. In sociology we are encouraged to question our society and our socially constructed norms. I really enjoy doing things like this and analyzing people’s reactions to norms being “broken” or breached. I really enjoyed this activity and Marta’s creativity.


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