Week – 12 – Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Tiffany Le

Exhibition: Tàu

Media: Paper, Acrylic, Color Inks, and Charcoal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: http://www.letaleaf.com

Instagram: @letaleaf

About the Artist

Tiffany Le is a graduate student at California State University of Long Beach. She is working on her MFA in illustration. She was born and raised in Garden Grove California. This exhibition aimed towards emphasizing the struggles of Vietnamese refugees. Le became interested in exploring the unspoken of history of refugees who choose to not speak of their past with newer generations. She says she had to work really hard to get family members to talk about their experiences. I believe the idea behind this exhibition was to shine light on the journey and the trauma that U.S. history fails to thoroughly describe the Vietnam War.

Formal Analysis

Tiffany Le’s artwork is made up of mostly dark and dull colors. There are many forms of detailed and curved lines. In addition to paint she used a form of origami to portray the boats in her exhibition. The boats have sharp edges, and in addition dark colors. The colors create a dark mood and depressing mood that I believe are meant to portray the pain and hardship Vietnamese refugees went through.

Content Analysis

Le’s artwork explores the struggles of Vietnamese refugees during the Vietnam War. Le feels that the trauma is often underestimated and not fully described. Her artwork goes beyond the censorship that our textbooks have when discussing the immigrant migration that went on during and after the Vietnam War.

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought the idea behind this art exhibition was beautiful and something that I could personally relate to. I have heard stories of things family members went through and saw when immigrating to the United States and I feel that these things are often not acknowledged. Often people judge immigrants without realizing that when they leave their country they leave looking for opportunity. I loved this exhibit.


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