Wk – 13 – Art Experience – ACP

For this week’s Art Experience I made a care package for Anthony Sanchez who I have actually met before for a classmate conversation. It was actually very difficult for me to put one together because I’m kind of a little hoarder when it comes to memories. I like to keep the awesome stubs for my album at home. So it was difficult for me to find things that I was willing to send out. For example, I was not able to convince myself to send out my ticket stubs from a year ago when I went to an Angel’s game with my best friend and my husband and we sat in the Diamond Field Box seats where we got the chance to take pictures and get autographs with Mike Trout! I was however able to send stuff that I have duplicate pictures of like memory pictures from my wedding, a wedding invitation (to my wedding), candy from my sister’s wedding, a movie ticket stub for the batman movie etc. along with a pin that David Caruso gave me when I met him. I also included things that were for upcoming memories like a “2016” keychain tassel because I graduate this semester. I also took he time to go to the store to buy a nice box to send it in rather than just an envelope. I hope the person receiving it enjoys it.



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