Wk – 13 – Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Nick Bamford


Media: Clay, Ceramics, Plaster & Found Objects

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @nickbam4d

About the Artist

This week I had the pleasure of admiring Nick Bamford’s art. Bamford is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach. He is expecting to graduate this semester receiving his BFA in ceramics. When Nick was asked what his interest are he responded with “this is pretty much it…” Nick simply enjoys building and putting things together. From my own personal perspective Nick’s artwork explores many social factors. The thing that stood out to me the most was the caged bird; it symbolized something for me.

Formal Analysis

To create his art pieces Bamford uses found/collected items and uniquely puts them together. In addition he uses bright neon lights to help emphasize the meaning among his art pieces. His work is obviously very 3-dimensional and includes things we are familiar with transforming them into things that we are unfamiliar things by combining them.

Content Analysis

Just like I assumed Bamford works toward taking socially constructed meaning in materialistic items and manipulating them into something new and different. Nick’s idea was to go beyond our typical idea of these things we are familiar with and surrounding them with things we would not naturally relate or correlate them with; amazingly giving them a new meaning.

Synthesis / My Experience

I felt that Bamford was able to take everyday materials that we think we are familiar with and transform them to represent something new and unfamiliar. The bright neon lights helped emphasize certain parts in the art pieces more than others and takes the way the attention from the big spacious room and focuses it on just the art pieces.


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