Wk – 14 – Extra Credit

For the extra credit art experience I went to school on a Friday with my little brother. I do not have class on Fridays and he is on vacation at the moment so I took him with me to look for “little treasures.” That was literally what I told him to get him to go with me. After hours of looking for geocache #1 by the pyramid and failing we moved on to try and find #2 Cassandra Topete’s hidden geocache, and well we found the location where it was supposed to be, but it was no longer there. By this point my little brother was already bummed out. So, I told him we’d try two more. IMG_7416

We then moved on to look for #3 Nancy Trann’s hidden geocache and we succeeded we found it! We had to look around for a bit, but it did not take so long to find this one once we got to the right location. He was excited and I had him log his name.

After this we went to look for #4 Tyler Kedis “upside-down newspapers” geocache! It took a while for me to get the upside down clue, but we figured it out. We were happy to have found it since we had been looking for other for so long.

At this point my little brother and his flat feet were “tired,” but on our way back to the car we decided to try and find #5 Gabriela Hernandez’s “Rusty Electricity” geocache. This one was actually the easiest because the GPS took us directly to the location and the rusty electricity clue gave it away after doing a 360 turn where to look became obvious. Although, at first it was very frustrating and disappointing because we could not find any it was fun to find “little treasures,” and I am happy I took my little brother with me.


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